The Making It Happen Improvement Club

Unlimited access to my tools, techniques and strategies only $1 for the first month ($15 per month thereafter)

What's inside the Improvement Club area?

There is a steady stream of new material being added to the Improvement Club membership. This content currently includes:

  • The OTIF Improvement Course - drive up your on time delivery performance with a ready to use management approach
  • 30+ modules from the original Making It Happen course - transform your ability to make change happen in your organisation
  • The Improvement Accelerator Framework - help your team to engage with and undertake continuous improvement projects
  • Making MRP Work 'rapid audit' - find out why your ERP / MRP system isn't helping your business to achieve high levels of performance
  • Streamlining Processes Toolkit - increase your productivity levels with this straightforward method and set of tools
  • Waste Walk Workshop kit - open your team's eye to eliminating waste from your business

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