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If your business needs to see some dramatic performance results quickly then sign up for Making It Happen today. This online course provides you with 30+ strategies, tools and approaches that you can apply quickly to your business.

The course is structured so that you get a quick injection of ideas and strategies immediately (available as part of the free one-month trial) to get your improvements up and running quickly. After this you are drip fed more practical methods and approaches so that you can effectively deploy the ideas and reap the rewards of this programme. After the first month the programme only costs $10 USD per month for as long as you stay.


What benefits could you expect to see?

The programme is aimed at both you and your business. Benefits my clients have enjoyed, that you can too, include:

  • Improved ability to make change happen in your business
  • Shorter lead times for delivering your project, products or services
  • Happier customers, fewer complaints and higher profits
  • Simpler and more effective working days - less hassle, more results
  • Tangible increases in operational performance and bottom line results
  • Better launching, and landing, of continual improvement projects
  • Increased market value for the people becoming more effective at making change happen!


You and your business won’t be the same afterwards!

This course is not something that will affect you and your business once. The intention behind Making It Happen is that you will not be the same afterwards. Many continual improvement programmes happen too quickly and sustainable results don’t always appear, that is why this one gives you what I like to call ‘The Year of Continual Improvement’.

Making It Happen is structured so that you can master the material. There’s a lot of great ideas and tools waiting for you in here and I want you to get the most out of the information. I will give you a whole raft of approaches on day one, when you sign up, but the rest of it will come to you in a properly defined sequence.

The biggest downside to intensive continual improvement courses is that most of the great ideas get lost in the busy-ness of normal working after the initial training. Making It Happen is designed so that you can actually apply the ideas to yourself and your business so that you get the results you want to achieve.

It is similar to the problem with reading business improvement and personal development books. It can be tempting to read the next one after you finished the current book, but mastering the content and applying the ideas is where the results come from.

As you progress through Making It Happen I want you to personally become an even more effective ‘change agent’ and your business to witness improved levels of performance as a side effect.


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    Take advantage of the other 26 lessons and 4 sprint projects as you develop your personal skills at making change happen and improve the performance of your business at the same time


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So, what is Making It Happen, exactly?

I am offering you access to my online course that contains over 30 practical improvement approaches that you can apply to both yourself and your business. Some are designed to develop and expand your own improvement toolkit and some are designed to directly help your business identify and implement improvements.

The full agenda, for the ‘year of continual improvement’ can be seen here and includes methods that I have developed for my clients and some more traditional approaches that I have put my own twist on.

As the Making It Happen course is drip fed for the majority of the content, you will be notified by email when new content is available. Once the material is available you can access it at any time by logging on to the course itself.

To help make the material even more accessible and to fit in to even the busiest of schedules I have added a supplementary weekly ‘coaching’ email to let you get a flavour of the improvement strategy in the shortest amount of time so that you can keep up with the learning and experimenting and not fall behind. Of course, you can come back to the material when you are ready, but this approach works very well. You can think of the coaching email along the same lines as the Pareto Principle (or, 80/20 rule) – a quick blast of an idea to get you some immediate results.

If you are feeling nervous about keeping up with the weekly drip feed approach you will be pleased to hear that you can stop and re-start the programme at any time. So, if you need a time out you can have one.

Towards the end of the year are the ‘sprint projects’, a handful of projects to direct your new skills into tackling some specific improvement projects that I believe every business needs to undertake. When they come, you’ll be ready!

One of the reasons that Making It Happen became an online course and not a book was due to the large number of tools and downloads I wanted to make available to you. When you access the lessons you will most likely find that they have a download associated with them. For most cases this means a worksheet or a template that you can use ‘as is’ or tweak to meet your precise needs. These are usually provided as a Word or Excel file.


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Where these ideas come from and why they work

If you haven’t read any of my books, or subscribed to my emails yet, you might be wondering who I am and why you might want to listen to me.

In short, Making It Happen is a compendium of the practical tools that I have developed and used with my clients over the past twenty years. Some of the tools are my spin on the classics and others are approaches that I have developed to solve my clients’ generic issues.

My background is in manufacturing and since then I have worked with service companies, public sector organisations and every one of them I have been involved with process improvement and business performance. I am a Chartered Engineer with a firm background in Operations Management. I get very excited at the prospect of improving the operational performance of a business and enjoy working with the strategies and tools that I share in Making It Happen. If you want to find out more about me then please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile or read the About Giles page on my consulting website.

But, the bottom line is, that what I am offering you in this course are solutions that work.


The huge difference between knowing and delivering

I see this issue most days when I work with my clients. There are some people that need a few tools to help them with their improvement projects and there are some people that need a few strategies to get their existing toolkit to work. Making It Happen is a phrase that I use repeatedly (so I thought it would make an appropriate name for the course!) as the ability to do so makes all of the difference.

I have met a lot of smart people on my travels that just need a little extra ‘something’ so that they become ultra-productive and start churning out success after success (whether this is an improvement project or the performance of their business). Making It Happen could be that something for you.

What I can quite comfortably state is that you not like the majority of people that don’t want to embrace change and don’t want to make your business work in a more effective and more efficient manner. If you need help to lead the people in your business that are like that then this course is for you too.

I like to think that the people that sign up for this course are the ones that want build on what they are already achieving and want to see just how high they can push the results for their business and how far they can develop their own skills at making change happen. If this is you then I look forward to welcoming you to the course.


Are you ready to get started, today, for free?

To help you figure out if this course is for you I have made the first month free.

All you have to do get started is click on the subscribe button below and follow the prompts to sign up for the course.

As soon as you sign up you will have access to all of the initial content that is shown here.

If you like what you experience then stay with me and come on the journey as you extend and develop your own skills, toolkit and results (and watch as your business reaps the benefits too).

If you aren’t sure by the end of the first month then simply cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged.

I am confident that applying just one idea during the first month will be worth many, many times more than the cost of this entire programme – so dive in when you are ready:


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All the best with your improvements,


Giles Johnston

Smartspeed Consulting Limited

Author of Business Process Re-engineering and Losing the Cape